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After 40 plus years in the restaurant business, both as an executive chef and a restaurant owner, I have found that customers are in search of more than just nourishment…they seek a dining adventure such as a new taste or a novel presentation. In an effort to satisfy the requests of my loyal customers, the Chef Lerman Salad Dressing Company was created in 1999.

Strawberry Dijon:
The perfect complement to fruit salads, as well as a great accompaniment to Duck and Lamb.

Cuke-A Dilly: Tossed with potatoes and crumbled bacon makes a perfect German Potato Salad, as a sauce and marinade for grilled Salmon.

Garlic Balsamic: A perfect complement for a glass of Finger Lakes wine, a dip for crusty bread, or as a marinade for grilled fish or chicken.

Grape Pumpkin: A unique flavor, combining the cinnamon and spices of a fall pumpkin pie with the fruity flavors of a Concord grape harvest. In addition to being a great salad dressing, it makes a wonderful glaze for ham, duck or pork.

Horseradish French: Great on deviled eggs! A sweet & tangy tomato based French dressing with an exciting horseradish finish. Great salad dressing, especially with sharp cheese such as blue cheese or Gorgonzola.

Finally a great Bar-B-Q sauce that is not produced in the South. This sauce is thick, smoky, and sweet with a kicky Chipotle finish. Memorable with ribs.

Chipotle Hot Sauce: A hot sauce that is true to its name: Smoldering Chipotle. This hot sauce starts with dark, smoky notes followed by heat that climbs the back of your throat with a kicky pepper finish that smolders. Use as a companion to Chef Lerman’s BBQ sauce for that extra spicy taste. Perfect smoky hot sauce for chicken wings. Great as a steak sauce. Mix with sour cream and a hint of lime for an excellent taco topping.

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Cuke-A-Dilly, Strawberry Dijon, Grape Pumpkin, Horseradish French, BBQ Sauce, Chipotle Hot Sauce, Garlic