We would love to help you raise money for your organization and the community. Easy process with great benefits…after all, can you think of anything easier to sell than chocolate?


Let us dip your special event in some chocolate. We can design party favors, centerpieces or gifts to give to each guest.
Examples: showers, wedding, birthday parties


Recognition, birthday, get well….gifts available for any of your needs, for an individual or large group.

Special chocolates designed for all occasions. We provide chocolate hands for massage therapists, chocolate high-heels and purses for for dress shops, chocolate feet for podiatrists…the possibilities are endless.


Special chocolates designer for all holidays! Valentine’s Day, Easter, Halloween, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas, and more!


We design unique gift creations for anyone, at any time, for any reason – even if you don’t have a reason. Gift baskets have been designed for the First Lady, Will Ferrell and Ellen, too. How about you?


If you are interested in adding Finger Lakes Chocolates to your retail location, give us a call.

351 S. Hamilton Street    Painted Post, NY   14870